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Lens detection

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Time : 2018-01-23

Offering a variety of applications The lens is an optical element for focusing or dispersing light. The lens may contain one or more elements and its application range from microscopy to laser processing. In addition, lenses are also components used in many industries, such as life sciences, imaging, industry, or defense. When light passes through the lens, its light output will be affected by the lens profile or the lens substrate. Plano-convex or bi-convex lenses focus the light into one spot, while plano-concave (PCV) or biconcave (DCV) lenses diverge the light through the lens. Achromatic lenses are suitable for applications that require color correction, whereas non-spherical lenses can be used to correct spherical aberration. Lenses made of germanium, silicon or zinc selenide are suitable for transmission infrared spectroscopy, while fused silica is suitable for transmitting ultraviolet light.

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Optical Components Testing Services

Business Introduction

Golden Way Scientific Co., Ltd. (registered in 1998) is a private company that focuses on the development of high-tech optical products and combines production and trade.


Since its establishment, the company has been devoted to the sales of optical precision instruments, as well as the design, development and processing of optical components, mechanical parts and optical lenses.


At present, the company has three optical components and mechanical parts manufacturing plants, an optical coating center, an optical inspection center, and an optical assembly room, located in Kunming, Jinzhou, Changchun, and Beijing.

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