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  • 海岸线与海洋环境监测;
  • 湖泊与流域环境监测;
  • 精准农业与产业评估;
  • 森林病虫害与火灾监测;
  • 地质与矿产资源勘测;
  • 土地与土壤监测;
  • 生态环境与环境恢复;
  • 草场生产力;
  • 高光谱遥感教学与科研;
  • 军事、国防和国土安全等。
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Business Introduction

Golden Way Scientific Co., Ltd. (registered in 1998) is a private company that focuses on the development of high-tech optical products and combines production and trade.


Since its establishment, the company has been devoted to the sales of optical precision instruments, as well as the design, development and processing of optical components, mechanical parts and optical lenses.


At present, the company has three optical components and mechanical parts manufacturing plants, an optical coating center, an optical inspection center, and an optical assembly room, located in Kunming, Jinzhou, Changchun, and Beijing.

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