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Plano-convex lenses focus light into a single point. It is characterized by a positive focal length, one of which is flat and the other is convex. Commonly used for aiming and focusing monochromatic light sources. In use, the convex surface is facing the incident light. United Optical Technology provides uncoated, antireflection coated, plano-convex lenses. AR coating options include UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR. Tantalum, silicon, or zinc selenide substrates are suitable for infrared applications, while fused silica is suitable for ultraviolet applications.

Material: Precision annealed K9 optical glass (except labeling)
Design wavelength: 587.6nm
Size error: +0.0/-0.1mm
Center thickness error: ±0.2mm
EFL: ±2%
Lens centering error: 3 to 5 points
Surface finish: 3 to 4 levels
Inverted Edge : 0.2mmX450


Effective focal length

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