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平凸透镜 D=4.00mm F=6.30mm 未镀膜 精退火K9光学玻璃

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    Diameter4.00mm Effective focal length6.30mm
    Coating未镀膜 Material精退火K9光学玻璃
    Back focus5.18mm Radius3.25mm
    Center Thickness 1.70mm Edge Thickness1.01mm
    Applicable lens mounting ringPN35036-LM040-S Design wavelength587.6nm
    Diameter Tolerance+0.0/-0.1 Center Thickness Tolerance±0.2
    Irregular shapes波长/4 @632.8nm Focal length tolerance ±2%
    Lens centering error3 弧分 Surface finish3~4级
    Edge0.2X45° n--
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    联合光科技提供不镀膜、镀增透膜的平凸镜片。 增透膜选项包括UV、VIS、NIR、及SWIR。 锗、硅或硒化锌基片适用于红外应用,熔融石英则适用于紫外应用。

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