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Shortpass Dichroic Filter:

 Dichroic Shortpass Filters are designed for a 45° angle of incidence. The rejected light is reflected at 90°, making such filters ideal for fluorescence applications or spectral beamsplitters. The filters feature low polarization dependence, broad spectral ranges.

Shortpass Dichroic Filter:

  Material: Optical float glass (B270)

  TWE: wave/ 4 @ 633 nm

  Parallelism: <30“

  Surface Quality: 60-40

  Dimension Tolerance: +0.0/-0.1mm

  Thickness: 2mm ±0.2mm

  Central Wavelength tolerance: ±10nm

  **Transmission: Tavg>90%

  **Reflection: Ravg>98%

  Clear aperture:>90%

  AOI: 45°

  Central wavelength(λC): The wavelength with transmission=50% Tax


  **The incident light is in random polarization.

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