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5 Tips for Designing with Spot Optics

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Time : 2018-03-14

There are many benefits to using spot optics in design projects. If the budget or time is limited, it is unlikely that the use of custom optics in the application, the spot optics can easily meet your design needs. Here are some tips to help you design with stock optics more easily.

1. Simplify
First, a paraxial design on paper is performed to decompose the system into subsystems in the form of finite and infinite conjugate optics. Before using software to optimize (such as Zemax, Code V, or other ray tracing software), determine the focal length required for each group. Once the desired focal length has been determined, the paraxial formula can be used to select the finished lens that provides the desired focal length. Ray tracing software should have a built-in finished lens model (Figure 1) that you can use to simulate the selected lens and optimize the spacing. If not, lens information provided by the supplier can usually be entered in the software. All EO TECHSPEC® components can be found in most optical design software and you can also get Zemax files from our website.

2. Use monochromatic light
Use monochromatic light sources such as LEDs and lasers or use optical filters as much as possible to make your system monochrome. Using monochromatic or narrowband light will greatly reduce the complexity of the design. Reducing the light source bandwidth below 50nm usually allows you to use a single lens in your design. When designing, chromatic aberration can cause a lot of trouble, so if you don't need a broadband light source, you need to simplify the light source.

3. Utilize off-the-shelf subsystems
Through the use of finished components such as achromatic doublets, microscope objectives, machine vision lenses, multi-component relay lenses, or other subsystems, local modifications such as color, field of view, and large aperture can be achieved. In many cases, if the supplier (Figure 2) can provide the relevant specifications, you can model the subsystem in software. Even without relevant specifications, subsystems can be evaluated using paraxial calculations.

4. Consider installing
Whether you're making a prototype or want to save time and money buying a custom shell, consider a spot assembly component. Optical cage systems allow you to easily assemble optical components and provide enough free space for pitch adjustments. Cage systems can be fitted with normal-sized optics, microscope objectives, C-mount camera lenses, and other subassemblies.

5. Choose the right component
Finished lenses such as PCX, PCV, DCX, DCV, and achromatic lenses are optimized for small and small apertures. These components have the best performance when integrated into a system where the light angle is not very steep. For example, when designing a high-magnification relay lens, use a complex multi-element subsystem on the high numerical aperture side and an achromatic lens on the low numerical aperture side. For example, a 15X system (Figure 3) consists of an object-side 20X infinite conjugate objective lens and an image-side 150mm focal length achromatic lens, which is a well-corrected system.

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