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Aspherical achromatic lens

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Time : 2018-03-14
       Aspherical achromatic lenses are our award-winning products. This lens is very cost-effective and has excellent color and spherical aberration correction capabilities. Our company combines a world-class spherical polishing process with a unique polymer molding process, making this lens a combination of excellent image quality for aspheric lenses and precise chromatic aberration correction capabilities for achromatic lenses. This cost-effective lens can meet today's high standards of optical and visual systems. Integrating the aspherical achromat lens into the lens design of the system can greatly enhance the application performance and is suitable for applications including relay systems, condenser systems, high numerical aperture imaging systems, and beam expanders.

       Aspherical achromatic lenses consist of a photopolymer and a glass optical lens. The polymer is only coated on one surface of the doublet lens and can therefore be manufactured quickly in a short time, providing similar flexibility to typical multi-component components.
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