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Micro-Hyperspec 微型成像光谱仪


采用全反射同心光学设计,原始全息光栅。小巧轻便,坚固耐用,最小可做到0.7Kg。配备相应的配件可在野外或室内实验使用。可选的波段范围宽泛:UV-VIS(250-500nm),VNIR(400-1000nm), NIR(900-1700nm), Ext.VNIR(600-1700nm), SWIR(900-2500nm),可满足不同应用需求使用。

“2017美国Headwall高光谱成像光谱仪的测量应用案例 与实践”用户交流会圆满闭幕


导热油又称传热油、热载体油(GB/T4016-83),英文名称为Heat transfer oil,所以也称热导油,热媒油等。导热油是一种热量的传递介质,其具有加热...




Business Introduction

Golden Way Scientific Co., Ltd. (registered in 1998) is a private company that focuses on the development of high-tech optical products and combines production and trade.


Since its establishment, the company has been devoted to the sales of optical precision instruments, as well as the design, development and processing of optical components, mechanical parts and optical lenses.


At present, the company has three optical components and mechanical parts manufacturing plants, an optical coating center, an optical inspection center, and an optical assembly room, located in Kunming, Jinzhou, Changchun, and Beijing.

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